“Business Resource Roundtable” – 9-20-18 –Prudential Advisors

The Melville Chamber of Commerce presents the Business Resource Roundtable. The purpose of the Roundtable is to provide a forum for Chamber members to bring their specific business questions, issues or problems to a group of peers. Based on their knowledge & experiences, attendees offer possible solutions and/or identify available resources that may assist in the solution. Roundtable participants can request solutions, offer experienced advice, and assist each other in bringing their companies to a higher level of performance.

This is a free resource to Chamber members and will be hosted by a different chamber member business each month. Attendance is limited, so registering is required.


“The Power of Teaming”

What is Teaming?
Team members will work collaboratively to serve their clients more efficiently and collectively driving business growth.
Why Teaming?
Productivity Growth
Client Experience
What makes Teams Successful?
Expertise & Collaboration
Goals & Accountability
Client Segmentation & Service
Reaching Broader Markets
Operational Efficiency
The presentation by Prudential Advisors created an open interactive discussion regarding the topic.


Photos provided by:
Michael Azzato
Selective Eye Photograph


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