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TSYS customizes payment processing solutions to meet the specific requirements of your business from start-up to success regardless of industry or size.

For the past few years Tsys has proudly served as the credit card processor for the Melville Chamber of Commerce and its many members who also happen to be business owners and entrepreneurs.  Although  I’m set up to assist with businesses across the U.S., as a native Long Islander, I find I get the most joy out of working with and supporting local businesses, especially the “mom-and-pop” stores that we so desperately need to continue to thrive here in the market space of Long Island.

I have the capability to partner with the business banking institution of your choice and it’s this very type of partnership that enables me the ability to achieve a higher standard of service as I highlight the importance of the face-to-face and personalized customer interaction that has become a lost art in today’s world.  Customer satisfaction is and always will come first and foremost.   

My focus is to serve as your merchant services advocate, helping you to make sense of what’s involved when accepting credit card transactions from your customers.  Not only do I work closely with you when I personally set up your point -of-sale equipment and get you activated but I also continue to make myself available on an ongoing basis by serving as your main point-of-contact. 

I will work to educate, inform and empower you to make the best possible decisions when it comes to finding the key elements that help make your business successful in this ever changing economy.

For all Melville Chamber of Commerce members, new and seasoned alike,  I look forward to finding you the best pricing plan that will help increase your bottom line.





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