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William Kutzler Bio:

Founded in January of 2008, F1 has worked in concert with small and medium businesses to balance the needs of owners and their teams with the dynamic technology landscape. F1 helps identify longer term goals and translates them into objectives that support future needs. With a keen understanding of the changing technologies, F1 has played an integral role in ensuring the technology F1’s clients depend on remains secure and running at its best.

F1 believes that the small business community should have access to technology that was once only available to large companies. Through unique partnerships, F1 brings powerful IT solutions in security, communications and business processes to the masses, all while ensuring that people are not treated as a number or a contract when calling for help. We empower our clients (and non-clients) to contact us for any need, even those not for IT. We believe in the value of educating others in our community so we can all be familiar with the upcoming technology.

Other facets of our work have been in process optimization, which is a fancy way of helping you build tools to get work done faster, cheaper, easier and more importantly giving you a profitable edge over your competition. We regularly do vendor management; reliving the burden of managing your many technology providers down to a single email or phone call. Let’s face it, there are more effective uses of time than to make a bunch of calls and try to decode all the IT jargon each one speaks just to get something fixed.

While keeping his clients networks safe from cyber threats was always a primary focus, cyber crime was changing at a staggering pace. Having identified the early stages of this trend, F1 developed it’s 3-P’s approach to IT Security: Platforms, Processes, People.

With every client, solutions for security and support are tailored instead of fitting into a cookie-cut solution. Empowering every client to connect with technology in a unique and affordable way.

Will Kutzler

Will received his BA in Information Systems from Dowling College in 2007 while a team captain of the Men’s Varsity Rowing Team. In 2008 he completed his MBA in Business Administration and Leadership with high honors. It was shortly thereafter he launched F1 to bridge the ever-widening technology gap with businesses leaders and the IT people that they rely on to support their operations.

He’s been a member of the Melville Chamber since the early years after the company’s launch and attributes much of his success to the relationships and connections he’s built through the chamber, its committees, venues for goodwill and its many other events. He enjoys golfing, traveling, spending time with family and continuing education. He is also the Chairperson of the Chamber’s Technology and Innovation Committee.





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